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AX-F100 FingerPrint Recognition Micro Computer Time Recorder


Finger Printer + punch card machine

100% Can't Punch for Other People
100% Attendance Control
Prevent Fake Record
Prevent Conflict Among Staff
Prevent Conflict In Between Employee & Employer
Better Over Time Control
Without Link to Computer for Recording
Easy Setup

Full Features:
2 Colours Printing
6 Columns
Backup Battery Ready
White LED backlight ready
Music Melody or Bell Alarm with External Connection.(optional)
Manual Push Button Selection for in/out print columns
Japan Technology

AC Power Supply : AC220V/50Hz
DC Power Supply : 13V – 18V
Net Weight
: 2.5kg
Working Temperature : 0 – 40 oC
Working Humidity : 10% - 80% RH

Punch Card Machine with Finger Print function