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Explore our range of top-quality POS system accessories, including high-performance barcode scanners, secure cash drawers, and efficient barcode printers. Enhance your point-of-sale experience with reliable and cutting-edge hardware solutions. Find the perfect accessories to optimize your business operations and streamline transactions. Shop now for advanced POS technology at its best!

CodeSoft Cash Register

CodeSoft EC-410
CodeSoft EC-410
Model:CodeSoft EC-410
  • Connector : 6pin

  • CodeSoft EC-460
    Model: CodeSoft EC-460
  • Connector : 6 pin
  • WS-Tech 5B5C Drawer
    Model: WS-Tech 5B5c Cash Drawer
  • Connector : 6 pin

  • CodeSoft Receipt Printer

    CodeSoft DP-7645III
    CodeSoft DP-7645
    Model:CODESOFT DP-7645III
  • Dot matrix receipt printer(LPT/USB/RS232)
  • DP-7645III dot matrix receipt printer(LAN)
  • CodeSoft TP3160S
    CodeSoft TP3160S
    Model:CODESOFT TP30160S
  • Thermal receipt printer(LPT/USB/RS232)

  • CodeSoft TP300K
    CodeSoft TP-300k
    Model:CODESOFT TP300k
  • Kitchen Thermal receipt printer(USB/RS232/LAN)

  • BarCode Scanner

    Argox AS-8120 Barcode Scanner
    Argox AS-8120
    Model:Argox AS-8120
    Entry Level Light Weight Scanner
  • KBW - RM252
  • USB - RM293
  • RS232 - RM293
  • Argox AS-8520 Barcode Scanner
    Argox AS8520
    Model:Argox AS-8520
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Support GS1 databar(RSS), CS barcodes
  • Operate with a 100-meter data transmission range
  • Honeywell MK5145 Barcode Scanner
    Honeywell MK5145
    Model:HoneyWell MK-5145
  • USB - RM441
  • USB/KBW - RM869
  • RS232 - RM467.10

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